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As unique as the name may be (E-Nell-Shy); just imagine the uniqueness of the individual behind the name...
— Enellshii

"Quiet but fun, airy and always the mutual minded one...When I get on the stage there is a sense of "Control" or should I say "Command" that is instantly embedded in me. The stage is my home, my safe haven and when I am performing I feel like a chief officer in command, โ€œA BOSSโ€! My listeners pay attention and they take heave to what I am singing about. When I step foot onto that powerful platform, it is important for me to take advantage of my position! My audience; may they be short, tall, young or middle agedโ€ฆ.They are completely tuned in and my #1 goal during that moment in time is to feed my listeners with empowerment, motivation and feel good, authentic music!"

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L e t ' s  b e  s o c i a l . . .

b u t  l e t ' s  t a k e  s o c i a l i z a t i o n

t o  a n o t h e r  l e v e l . . .


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For booking information please contact Larry Register w/ "Lardon Management"; Lardonmanagement@gmail.com