This motivated song bird has a story to tell and we all know that “It is NEVER too late to go HARD and be GREAT!!!” Enellshii’s (E-Nell-Shy) name can be tricky but once you learn it, you will never forget it! Enellshii’s stage name was created from a play on words. With her birth name being “Chenelle”, she simply mixed the name up and added “Shy” on the end which pin-points the exact opposite of what she is when she is on the stage. 



Enellshii has the full package! From her sexy outer core to her power house vocals and so many interesting layers in between. Enellshii is extremely humble and gracious. She always puts her best foot forward to be as transparent as possible and there is a poise about her that is warm and welcoming. Enellshii is relatable without a doubt and she also has a twisted BOSS side about her that show’s she means business!



Enellshii’s love for music runs deep. She can’t get over the way it makes you move, the way it makes you feel and especially the things it makes you do. This beauty has an ever-lasting love for R&B, a loyalty to Down South Trap and a new found love for Pop music. The mix in genres that Enellshii incorporates takes her music to the next level and it touches on many different phases that we all go thorugh in life. Enellshii is an advocate for “Self-Empowerment”. She plans to be 100% involved with “Self-Empowerment” and her ultimate goal is to create a huge movement behind the cause! She believes that there is always room to become stronger, wiser and more confident in self.



While writing, recording and branding are prime factors in Enellshii’s career, the most important thing to her is the stage! Enellshii’s stage performance is a blast of high energy. It is liveliness at its best and she will leave you speechless time and time again from her captivating persona, vigorous show and powerhouse vocals. It’s pretty simple, the stage is my home, my safe haven says Enellshii.”


Enellshii, born Chenelle Janeen Register, as a child always found herself singing and dancing. She had no fan-base or name recognition then, but that never stopped her from dreaming about how one day she could be a Grammy Award winning recording artist.   



On June 1, 2011 Enellshii performed live on B.E.T. 106 and Park Wild-Out-Wednesday and won the female R&B competition. She performed in New York City at Blaze The Stage Summer Invitational showcase at New York University on August 13, 2011.  On August 24, 2011 she again competed on B.E.T. 106 & Park Wild-Out-Wednesday as an “All Star”. During her appearance she was interviewed by Kevin Hart (The Comedian) and given the name Miss. Fulltime.



Through many challenges over the years, Enellshii has continued to put time and effort into developing and preparing herself to become a household name that will not only sell records, but will pack venues and leave audiences breathless and asking for more.

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For booking information please contact Larry Register w/ "Lardon Management"; Lardonmanagement@gmail.com